Very Short Detective Story 100 words

Very Short Detective Story 100 words

Very Short Detective Story 100 words
Very Short Detective Story 100 words

Very Short Detective Story 100 words

1. The Case of the Jewel Thief: A Detective Smith Story

Very Short Detective Story 100 words: Detective Smith was called to investigate a robbery at a jewellery store. After examining the scene, he noticed a small footprint near the shattered window. He followed the trail and found a suspect, who had muddy boots matching the footprint. The suspect had a bag filled with stolen jewels. The detective arrested the thief and returned the stolen jewels to the store. The store owner was grateful and the thief was sentenced to prison. The case was solved, thanks to the detective’s keen observation and detective work.

2. The Missing Heirloom: A Detective Jane Story

Once there was a detective named Jane, she was working on a case of missing heirloom necklace which was passed down through the generations in a wealthy family. She started her investigation by interviewing the family members and the staff. Everyone had an alibi, but one of the staff member’s alibi didn’t add up. Detective Jane kept an eye on her and discovered that the staff member was hiding the necklace in her locker. The staff member was arrested and the necklace was returned to the family. Detective Jane was able to solve the case with her attention to detail and persistence.

3. The Social Media Burglar: A Detective John Story

Once there was a detective named John, he was assigned to investigate a string of burglaries in a wealthy neighbourhood. He started his investigation by canvassing the neighbourhood, talking to the residents, and collecting evidence. After gathering all the information, he noticed that all the burglaries happened when the residents were away on vacation. He then checked the social media accounts of the residents and found out that one of them had posted their vacation plans online. John staked out the house and caught the burglar red-handed. The burglar was arrested and the stolen items were returned to the rightful owners.

4. The Businessman Murder: A Detective Michael Story

Once there was a detective named Michael, who was investigating a murder case of a businessman. The businessman was murdered in his office and the police found no signs of forced entry. Michael started his investigation by interviewing the employees and the people associated with the businessman. He discovered that the businessman had a lot of enemies and one of them had the motive to kill him. Michael gathered evidence and confronted the suspect, who eventually confessed to the murder. The suspect was arrested and charged with murder. Michael solved the case with his sharp instincts and attention to detail.

5. The Missing Person: A Detective Sarah Story

Once there was a detective named Sarah, who was investigating a case of a missing person. The person was last seen at a busy train station and no one had seen or heard from them since. Sarah started her investigation by reviewing CCTV footage from the train station, interviewing witnesses and checking the person’s financial and phone records. She found out that the person had bought a one-way ticket to a different city, and found out that the person had left to start a new life due to personal reasons. Sarah closed the case as it was not a criminal case and informed the person’s family.

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