Best Comedy Story in English 2024

Comedy Story in English
Comedy Story in English

Comedy Story in English

Bob and the Parrot

Comedy Story in English: Once upon a time, there were two friends named Tom and Jerry. They were always getting into mischief together. One day, they decided to play a prank on their other friend, Bob. They told Bob that they had found a magical talking bird in the woods and convinced him to come with them to see it.

When they got to the woods, Tom and Jerry instructed Bob to close his eyes and they led him to a tree. They told him to open his eyes and, to Bob’s surprise, there was a parrot sitting on a branch.

Bob was amazed and asked the parrot, “Can you really talk?”

The parrot replied, “Yes, I can talk. But right now, I’d rather sing.” And with that, the parrot began singing loudly and horribly off-key.

Bob was horrified and asked his friends, “What kind of a talking bird is this?”

Tom and Jerry couldn’t stop laughing as they revealed their prank. “We taught him to sing,” they said. “He’s not a talking bird, he’s a singing bird!”

Bob couldn’t help but laugh at the silly joke and they all had a good laugh together.

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