Princess and the Pea Short Story

The Princess and the Pea Short Story

Princess and the Pea Short Story
Princess and the Pea Short Story

The Princess and the Pea Short Story

The Princess and the Pea Short Story: Once upon a time, in a faraway land, lived a prince. It was now time for the prince to wed, but unfortunately, his princess was nowhere to be found. In order to find his princess, he traveled all around the world. All the princesses in the neighbouring kingdoms visited the king’s castle to meet the prince, but the prince was having difficulty picking the right one.

His father, the king, wanted his son to wed a real princess. After trying for so many years, he lost all hope of finding the right princess. Sad, hopeless, and deep in his thoughts, the prince continued to live his life. The king and queen were indeed very sad about this situation.

Another sad night as he sat there thinking. A big storm began. The lightning was striking and the sound of the thunder was echoing in the castle. The prince was having a hard time trying to sleep as he watched the lightning strike from his window, but on the other hand, he couldn’t help but think about his future princess.

Among all the noise in the castle, one of the servants realized that the door was knocking. She opened the door and noticed a shivering young girl who was drenched from the rain. The poor young girl was in a state of misery.

Princess and the Pea Short Story
Princess and the Pea Short Story

She still looked very beautiful and elegant, and with great difficulty, she spoke: “Will you take me in, please?” I’m all alone. I got lost in the woods.

The servant felt sorry for her, so she ran and gave the news to the king and queen. The king quickly let the guards know of the situation and ordered them.

The guards took the girl to the castle’s living room and sat her in front of the fireplace, seeing the girl’s clothes drenched in water. The queen ordered the servants to bring some appropriate clothing for the girl.

All alone with the girl, the queen asked, “At this hour and in this weather, may I ask what it is that you’re looking for?” I’m a princess from a faraway land. My castle has been attacked by my enemies in order to protect me, my mother and father, secretly send me away with two soldiers, but once it was midnight due to the storm we lost each other and here I am. I found your castle thank you so much for taking me in.

The queen found it hard to believe, but even so, she found it harder to send her away from the castle. The prince was curious to see who this mysterious girl was. He wanted to meet her at that point. The girl was wearing the dress the queen had given her.

Her hair had dried, and she was feeling more like herself now that she looked much more elegant and beautiful as the prince entered the room. He couldn’t believe her presence mesmerized the beauty in her elegance.

But still, he wanted to know for sure that she was indeed a princess. The queen told the prince that she was going to handle the situation and find out if she was a real princess. Is she a real princess? We will find out tonight.

The prince and princess chatted away, the prince was trying to get to know her better. The queen called the guest’s room ready for the young girl, and she placed a pea under her bed and covered it with seven mattresses.

Princess and the pea bedtime story
Princess and the pea bedtime story

The young girl slept in this strange bed that was prepared for her that night. The following morning, the queen waited for the young girl to wake up and when she did. The Queen asked her if she slept well last night.

The girl replied, “I’m very fortunate that you gave me shelter, but I had great difficulty trying to sleep.” Oh really, I wonder why. May I ask why? She replied, “My body is in pain.” My back aches. It was as if the entire night I had slept on something tough.

This is the exact answer the queen was looking for. She knew that only a princess could feel such discomfort coming through a bed covered in seven layers of mattresses.

She went next to the prince and explained all that happened. The prince heard all of this and finally knew that she was a real princess. The prince couldn’t hide his happiness. He told the king that he would like to wed the princess, and so the king accepted his son’s offer to marry the princess.

Princess and the pea short story
Princess and the pea short story

The prince asked that the princess stay in his castle for a few more days until the war was over in her kingdom. In fact, he sent out his own troops to help save his country, and soon later, the prince proposed to the princess, “Will you marry me, princess?” As soon as he got his answer, they married and lived happily ever after that night.

The prince put the pea in a glass box and made sure it was exhibited in the best corner of the castle. For many years, the pea got visits from people who believed in real love.

Princess and the Pea Short Story

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