Jesus Christ Story in English of Birth, Death 2024

Jesus Christ Story in English
Jesus Christ Story in English

Jesus Christ Story in English

Jesus Christ Story in English: About 2000 years ago, a girl named Mary lived in the city of Nazareth, Israel. She had a very good nature. She was always ready to help people. Mary was going to get married to a carpenter named Yusuf.

One day Mary was at her house, and then an angel appeared there. She was terrified at first, but on the persuasion by the angel that God had sent him with a message for Mary, then Mary listened to the angel with courage. The angel told Mary that God was very pleased with her work and her behavior.

God has chosen you to give birth to his son. You will become pregnant with the Holy Spirit and give birth to a son. You name him Jesus. Mary accepted the order of the angel. After that she got pregnant. When Mary told this to Yusuf, he could not believe it.

But one night in a dream, the angel told Joseph that Mary had become pregnant by the Holy Spirit and was about to give birth to the Son of God. So you accept her. Then Joseph accepted Mary and married her. At that time, there was Roman rule there.

In the Roman Empire, the work of counting the population was going on. For this everyone had to go to Bethlehem and register themselves. For which everyone was going to Bethlehem. Joseph also left for Bethlehem with his pregnant wife Mary.

Jesus Christ Birth Story in English

He took his pregnant wife on a donkey and walked on foot. When they reached Bethlehem, they saw that all the hospices there were full. After which they got a stable to live in. Yusuf and Mary decided to stay in the same stables.

On the same night, a group of shepherds heard a prophecy in the sky that tonight at 12:00, the son of God would be born in a stable. At 12:00 in the night, Mary gave birth to Jesus, the son of God, in the stables. After some time, the shepherds also reached that stable, chasing a star, and everyone congratulated them on the birth of Jesus.

Jesus was a child of sharp intelligence since childhood. At the age of 12, he moved to Jerusalem. He started asking questions of the people preaching in the temple. Everyone was surprised to see this. At the age of 30, Jesus Christ started giving the message of religion to the people.

He was giving a different message to the people from Judaism. He was against animal sacrifice. He told the people that he was the son of God. When the staunch Jewish religious leaders came to know about this, they started opposing Jesus Christ.

Jesus Christ did the work of healing people. Once a person suffering from paralysis was brought in front of Jesus Christ, and Jesus Christ said to that person, “God has forgiven all your sins.” That person got up and walked. After this, miraculously, the person got cured and walked on.

Jesus Christ Death Story in English

People were very impressed by this and started following Jesus. due to which Jesus Christ was pricking the eyes of the Jewish religious leaders. The Jewish religious leaders complained about Jesus Christ to the then-Roman ruler Pilate. Who first warned Jesus Christ?

But for not obeying Jesus Christ was arrested and flogged on him. He was spit on and a crown of thorns was put on his head. Jesus Christ was asked to bear the cross. Jesus was crucified on the mountain of Jerusalem and nailed to his arms and legs.

He was not brought down from the cross until he died. After his death, his body was placed in a coffin in a tunnel and that tunnel was closed with a big stone. That tunnel was guarded by the soldiers of the Roman Empire, but Jesus Christ resurrected on Sunday, 3 days after his death and reached the people.

He kept giving the message of religion to the people for 40 days, and after that, he went to heaven. After Jesus Christ, 12 of his disciples spread Christianity all over the world. According to Christianity, idol worship, murder, etc. are all sins.

It is also a sin to mistreat anyone in Christianity. Christianity emphasizes human service. This message was conveyed by Jesus Christ to the people. The Bible is the religious book of Christianity. It contains the message of Jesus Christ.

Jesus Christ Story in English

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