Story in English for Class 5

Story in English for Class 5 | Jack’s Treasure Hunt

Story in English for Class 5
Story in English for Class 5

Jack’s Treasure Hunt

Story in English for Class 5: Once upon a time, there was a young boy named Jack. Jack lived in a small village at the edge of a forest with his parents and his younger sister, Lily.

One day, while playing in the forest, Jack stumbled upon a beautiful golden key. He tried to unlock the doors of every house in the village but the key didn’t fit any of them. So, he decided to return home and show it to his father.

When he reached home, his father told him that the key might belong to the old mansion that was abandoned for years and stood at the edge of the forest. Jack was curious and decided to visit the mansion.

The old mansion was surrounded by vines and looked eerie, but Jack was determined to find the lock that the golden key would fit. After searching for a while, he finally found a small wooden door that was covered in vines. He inserted the key, turned it and the door creaked open.

Inside, he found a dusty old room filled with cobwebs and old furniture. As he walked around, he noticed an old chest at the corner of the room. When he opened it, he found a treasure map.

The map had a path that led to a secret location deep in the forest. Jack decided to follow the map and see where it would lead him. He walked for hours and finally found a hidden cave.

Inside the cave, he found a huge pile of gold and silver coins. He couldn’t believe his eyes and filled his pockets with as many coins as he could carry. He then carefully made his way back home.

When he reached home, he showed his parents and sister the treasure he found. They were all surprised and happy. Jack’s father contacted the authorities, and after a thorough investigation, it was found that the treasure belonged to a wealthy merchant who lived in the village a long time ago.

The merchant had hidden the treasure in the cave to keep it safe from bandits. When he passed away, the location of the treasure was lost until Jack found the map.

Jack’s honesty and bravery were praised by everyone in the village. He donated a portion of the treasure to charity and used the rest to make his family’s life better. From that day on, Jack became known as a hero in the village and was respected by all.

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