Beauty and the Beast Story for Kids

Beauty and the Beast Story for Kids
Beauty and the Beast Story for Kids

Beauty and the Beast Story for Kids

Beauty and the Beast Story for Kids: Once upon a time, there lived a wealthy merchant who had three daughters. The youngest daughter, named Beauty, was the most beautiful and kind-hearted of them all.

One day, the merchant was forced to go on a long journey to save his fortune. Before he left, he asked each of his daughters what they would like as a present upon his return. The two older daughters requested expensive jewels and fine clothes, but Beauty only asked for a rose.

While on his journey, the merchant lost his way in a dark and eerie forest. Seeking shelter, he stumbled upon a magnificent castle. Despite the eerie atmosphere, the merchant went inside to rest.

As he explored the castle, he found a table set with a delicious feast. He sat down to eat but was stopped by the Beast, the owner of the castle. The Beast told the merchant that he was allowed to stay the night but in return, he must give up one of his daughters to become the Beast’s prisoner.

The merchant was horrified but had no choice but to agree. He returned home and told his daughters about the Beast and what had happened. Beauty, who was the only one brave enough to face the Beast, voluntarily went to the castle to save her father.

At first, Beauty was frightened of the Beast and his appearance. However, she soon realized that he was kind and gentle, despite his rough exterior. Over time, she grew to love him, and he loved her in return.

One day, the Beast told Beauty that she was free to return home to visit her family, but she must return within a specified time frame. When Beauty arrived home, her sisters, who were jealous of her, convinced her to stay longer. Beauty, forgetting the time limit, was unable to return to the castle on time.

The Beast, heartbroken and dying, asked for one last rose from his garden. When Beauty finally returned to the castle, she found the Beast dying and breathed her last breath with him. Suddenly, the Beast transformed into a handsome prince and told her that he had been cursed by a wicked sorceress and could only be freed by true love.

Beauty realized that she loved the Beast and that her love had broken the curse. The prince and Beauty lived happily ever after.

Moral of the Story

This story teaches us that true beauty is found within, and that love can conquer all.

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