28 Best Marvin the Martian Quotes

Marvin the Martian Quotes
Marvin the Martian Quotes

Marvin the Martian Quotes

Marvin the Martian Quotes: Friends, today we are going to tell you in detail about Marvin the Martian quotes. Marvin the Martian is the name of a cartoon character. It used to come in Looney tunes and Merrie melodies cartoons. Marvin the Martian is depicted as a villain in the cartoon. It wears a green skirt and helmet. A dog was often seen with Marvin the Martian.

First this cartoon character appeared in Haredevil Hare cartoon in 1948. In the cartoon Marvin the Martian lives on a mission to destroy the earth. Children like this cartoon character very much so they keep looking for the quotes spoken by Marvin the Martian in the cartoon. We have explained Marvin the Martian quotes in below.

  • Where’s the Kaboom?
  • “I’m just about to solve the Earth’s fuel problem. I’m going to blow it up!”
  • Oh, I’m going to blow it up. It obstructs my view of Venus. 
  • “Brace yourself for immediate disintegration.”
  •  “You’re on Mars. Isn’t that lovely?”
  • Please, sir. Do not interrupt my chain of thought. I’m a busy Martian. 
  • “Oh dear, I got the silly thing in reverse. He’s turned into a Neanderthal rabbit.”
  •  “I hate to be the bearer of bad news, your airness, but if you don’t find a fifth player, your team will forfeit the game.”
  •  “Oh, the Earth will be gone in just a few seconds.”
  • “He looks so tranquil and peaceful.”
  • “I’m not angry. Just terribly, terribly hurt.”
  • “On top of the moon only for you!”
  • “Something helps to inform me that it was better for me to stand in bed.”
  • “I require some more sleep coffee.”
  • “If you inquire me for the directions, I will tell them to you.”
  • Gossamer is quite nervous about barbers.
  • “I am about to become your valentine.” 
  •  “Oh, drat these computers. They’re so naughty and so complex. I could pinch them.”
  • “I do so enjoy observing the flora and fauna of that tiny planet.”
  • “You have made me extremely annoyed!”
  • “Oh, goodie! My Illudium Q-36 explosive space modulator.”
  • “Eat and drink to your fullest and be Martian!”
  • “Go to that mischievous corner!”
  • “Hello, where the hell am I? it does not matter where I am at present, I have no preference for it and am going to leave the place for good.” 
  • “Never steal, never lie, never sell drugs, never cheat.”
  •  “Oh, dear. Now I suppose I will have to use force.”
  • “A mission? I’m all for a-tingle!”
  • Being disintegrated makes me very angry. Very angry indeed.
Marvin the Martian Quotes

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