How to get rid of razor bumps | Razor burns

How to get rid of razor bumps
How to get rid of razor bumps
How to get rid of razor bumps
How to get rid of razor bumps | Razor burns

Razor bumps

You must have heard the name razor bumps or razor burn. The name is related to shaving. Razor bumps are a very small red-colored bump that emerges after shaving. Whether you have done this shave in your face, underarms, hand or foot. These red-colored bumps are seen everywhere. You shave to get rid of these hairs, but these bumps spoil your beauty. This razor bumps when you do a lot of close razor on the skin, then try to bring the hair under the skin up. When those hairs turn, they appear as razor bumps. Today we will tell you some very effective measures to get rid of these razor bumps. Using these, you can get rid of these razor bumps completely.

Razor burn

Many people are very suspicious of razor bumps and razor burns. People start thinking of razor bumps as razor burn but it’s not like that.

Razor burn means when you shave on your skin after shave your skin becomes burning and redness. But razor bumps can occur even after a few days of doing shave and it gets bumped like a little pimple.

The main reason for razor burn is when you do not use the correct shave gel on your skin before shaving. Along with this, if you do not use any moisturizer after shaving, then you get razor burn.

Razor bumps symptoms

Razor bumps are detected when after shaving, small red pimple-like bumps form in your skin. These bumps can be small or sometimes even big. Sometimes there is also pus in them. There is also some swelling and pain in them.

What causes razor bumps?

There are many reasons for having razor bumps which are as follows.

i. Shaving tool

If the razor with which you shave has been used too many times in the past, then that razor not only gets spoiled but bacteria are also produced in it. Even after shaving with such razor, you get razor bumps.

ii. Thick and curly hair

It has been seen that if your hair is beard or body if it is too thick and curly then after shaving, there is a lot of chance of them having razor bumps because of thick and curly hair after shaving. Turns and causes razor bumps.

iii. Sensitive skin

If your skin is very sensitive and rashes on applying anything or if there is already a red rash on the skin, then there is a possibility of razor bumps when shaving on such skin too.

iv. When not use shaving gel

If you do not take good care of your skin before and after shaving, then you are more likely to get razor bumps. When you don’t moisturize your skin well before shaving or use a good shave gel.

v. Regular Shave

If your skin is sensitive and if you shave every other day, then this habit of shaving frequently also causes razor bumps.

Home remedies to get rid of razor bumps

1. Aloe Vera gel to get rid of razor bumps

Aloevera home remedies for razor bumps
Aloevera home remedies for razor bumps

All of you will know Aloe Vera. Aloe Vera is used to treating many diseases because it has many antibacterial and anti fungal properties. The use of Aloe Vera is also very beneficial for getting rid of razor bumps.

For this, first, you have to take the leaves of Aloe Vera. After this, peel the leaves and remove the pulp from it. You can apply this gel on your razor bumps.

Leave this gel-like this for 30 to 40 minutes. After this, it can be washed with clean water. This will cure it by reducing the redness and swelling of razor bumps. You can do this practice 2 times a day until it is completely cured.

2. Hot compress to get rid of razor bumps

You have to take hot water before shaving to avoid razor bumps. Dip the cotton in this warm water and wipe your skin well. This will open any closed pores on the skin. This will protect it from razor bumps after shaving.

3. Use the right razor to get rid of razor bumps

Not using the right razor is one of the many reasons why razor bumps occur. When you use any such razor to shave. Which you have used 3-4 times before.

This puts you at risk of razor bumps. To avoid this, you should use a new razor whenever you shave.

4. Cold water to get rid of razor bumps

If you use cold water, it is also very effective in getting rid of razor bumps. For this, when you shave, whether it is in your bear area, in hands or legs.

After shaving you have to wash the shaved area with cold water. This will protect your skin from razor bumps.

5. Use scrub to get rid of razor bumps

You can use a scrub to remove dead skin from your skin before shaving. Because dead skin also causes razor bumps. Therefore you must remove it before shaving.

6. Reduce shave to get rid of razor bumps

When you shave, again and again, you have a very high chance of getting razor bumps. Therefore you should not shave every other day. You should leave a few days and shave.

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7. Do not set the electric razor to low

When you shave and set the electric razor to a close cut. So it cleans the hair from very close to your skin. Due to which the hair under the skin tries to come up and get twisted.

Which gives you razor bumps. So while shaving you should not set the electric razor to a close cut.

8. Shave on wet skin to get rid of razor bumps

Razor bumps and razor burn are more likely to happen when you shave on dry skin. So you should wet your skin before shaving.

For this, you can shave after taking a bath or in between. When your skin is completely wet. This can help you avoid razor bumps.

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9. Do not use hair removal cream

If your skin is sensitive, then you should not use hair removal cream. Hair Removal Cream contains chemical when your skin is sensitive, then your skin cannot tolerate its chemical, causing you to get razor bumps.

10. Don’t touch razor bumps

If you have razor bumps after shaving, then you should not touch them. If you touch them, then it may increase swelling and redness. Along with this, there can be a pain in them.