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What is heartburn?

When you eat any food to digest that food acid is produced in our stomach. Which help to digest the food. But due to some wrong eating habits, this acid produces in excess quantity which will cause heartburn or acid reflux.

Nowadays, the this problem becomes severe. Every people seems to affect from it not only old age people but even young age people also affect from this. In this article, we will discuss It’s causes, symptoms, home remedies and some tips which will help you to stay away from heartburn.

Heartburn symptoms:

There are many symptoms appear when you are suffering from heartburn or acid reflux. Some of the symptoms are like acidity, restlessness, constipation, indigestion, chest burn, vomiting and bitter or sour water comes in mouth. So, these symptoms give you surety about this problem.

What causes heartburn?

1. Irregular food

Most of the people when they are busy due to work then their food schedule disturb. So, sometimes they forget and skip the food or eat after long working hour. This will affect the digestion system and produce more acid and leads to heartburn and acid reflux. 

2. Spicy food

Due to today’s busy life schedule, no one has time to cook food at home. So, when you eat food outside it is so spicy mostly. It causes heartburn or acid reflux.

3. Tea

As you all know taking more tea is not good for health because tea contains caffeine. If you consume more tea daily then it also leads to heartburn or acid reflux.

4. Smoking

Smoking is injurious to health we all know but still, everyone uses it. More smoking also becomes the reason for heartburn or acid reflux.

5. Drinking

Alcohol contains such intoxicating agent which not only affect your lever but even affect your stomach. So, more consumption of alcohol cause heartburn or acid reflux.

6. Stress

Most of the people suffering from stress due to hectic lifestyle, the pressure at job and ups and down in a relationship. So, taking more stress regularly affect our digestion system and cause heartburn or acid reflux.

Heartburn remedies:

We are giving here some of the best home remedies which will completely cure your heartburn or acid reflux problem.

1. Water for heartburn remedies

Water for heartburn remedy

If you are suffering from this problem then the first thing you have to do is take one to two glass of water daily early in the morning. It will decrease the acidity level in your stomach and helps to get rid of it. This is the good practice you can involve it in your daily routine even if you are not suffering from acid reflux.

2. Banana for heartburn remedies

Banana for heartburn remedies

It is very good for the stomach. If you are suffering from any stomach related issues banana will give immediate relief because it contains fiber and potassium. So, take 2 to 3 banana daily for this problem. It’s regular use will give you relief from heartburn or acid reflux.

3. Basil leaves for heartburn remedies

Basil leaves for heartburn remedies
Basil leaves

It is very good to give relief from this problem. So, take 4 to 5 leaves of basil leaves wash it properly you can chew it as it is or you can boil it in one glass of water properly. It’s regular use cure heartburn and acid reflux.

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4. Cumin for heartburn remedies


One of the best remedies for heartburn is cumin seed. It will cure acid reflux completely. So, take half spoon of cumin seed and one glass of water. Boil it until the water remains half then drink it 2 to 3 times daily. This will not only gives you relief from this problem but even stay you away from constipation.

5. Cold milk for heartburn remedies

Cold milk
cold milk

As we regularly drink milk but do you know for heartburn cold milk is so beneficial. Milk contains calcium and some other nutrients which balance the acidity level in your stomach. That is increased due to some bad eating habits. Drink cold milk daily in the morning time.

6. Cinnamon for acid reflux treatment


To get relief from heartburn cinnamon is very effective. So, take cinnamon powder 1 spoon in one glass of water. Boil it for 10 to 15 minutes then strain and drink it slowly. It will give relief in chest burn.

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7. Gooseberry for acid reflux treatment


Amla is very good for indigestion, heartburn, vomiting, and constipation. So, take one spoon amla powder and use it with one glass of water after night meal. Regular use of it will completely cure all stomach problems.

8. Aloe Vera Juice for acid reflux treatment

Aloe vera juice
Aloe vera Juice

This juice is very good for stomach related problems. So, take Aloe Vera juice with water early in the morning. It will clean your stomach and stay you away from the heartburn or acid reflux on regular use. It gives instant relief on chest burn, acidity and indigestion.

9. Coconut Water for acid reflux treatment

Coconut water
Coconut water

Drink coconut water everyone loves but do you know it’s all benefit. Coconut water stays us away from dehydration. It’s very good to improve our immune system. Apart from this, it’s good home remedy to get rid from heartburn or acid reflux.

10. Lemon Water for acid reflux treatment

lemon water
Lemon water

It is not only gives us instant energy in our body but even cures acid reflux. For this, take one glass of water and add two lemon juice into it then drink it with a pinch of salt. It gives relief from heartburn and vomiting instantly.

11. Papaya for acid reflux treatment


Papaya contains Vitamin C, A, Potassium, Calcium and antioxidant element. It is also used to detox the body. So, If you use it early in the morning for one week it gives relief from heartburn and other stomach related problems.

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12. Celery for acid reflux treatment

Celery for heartburn remedy

Celery is an easily available item at the home. If you are suffering from heartburn and pain in the stomach. Take half spoon of celery with one glass of warm water. It is a very good home remedy for heartburn and acid reflux treatment.

What helps heartburn?

a) Avoid Junk food

If you are suffering from heartburn then you have to avoid junk food, pickle, baked food, outside food, and spicy food. You have to use homemade food as much as possible.

b) Lose weight

More weight also attracts this and other stomach related problems. So, try to lose weight to achieve an average figure.

c) Stop Smoking

As we discussed that smoking also cause this problem. So, we should stop smoking to get rid of it fast.

d) Less gap in food

The useless gap in two-time food to avoid it. If we take food on time then excess acid will not produce in our stomach.

e) Avoid cold drink

Use of a cold drink is not good for the stomach. So, to cure heartburn or acid reflux don’t use a cold drink.

f) Avoid tight cloth

If you are suffering from this problem then you should wear loose cloth because the tight cloth will put pressure on your stomach.


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