Diet to lose weight fast | Best weight loss program

Diet to lose weight fast
Diet to lose weight fast
Diet to lose weight fast
Diet to lose weight fast

There are many people nowadays who are worried about their increasing obesity. Today we will tell you about diet to lose weight fast. Such people try different tricks but none of their tricks work. Such people are afraid to go into society. Their confidence is greatly reduced. Such people do dieting a lot and do a lot of things but they are not able to reduce the weight.

For this, we have brought such a diet plan for you, using which you can easily lose your weight without using any medicine for a few days. But the condition for this is that you have to follow this diet plan strictly. The more you follow this plan, the more you will see results in your body. This plan is completely based on food, you will get complete results by changing the eating habits.

This diet plan not only works for loose weight but also works as a panacea for any other disease in your body. By following it well, you can get rid of any kind of disease forever. The main reason for getting the disease is the wrong food nowadays due to which many types of diseases surround it. But by adopting the right diet plan and lifesaving, you can get rid of any type of disease completely.

Clean your stomach

First of all, to get rid of any disease, your stomach should be completely clean. Because many diseases start from the stomach. You cannot completely get rid of any disease until you clean your stomach completely. This is very important for good health.

You can use Triphala Churna to clean your stomach. Triphala powder is made with 3 things. Amla, Harada, and Baheda. It proves to be very effective for clearing the stomach. You should consume 1 teaspoon of Triphala powder with lukewarm water at bedtime. With its regular intake, your stomach will be completely cleared.

For the right diet plan, we will first discuss in detail the type of food we should use.

1. Eat living food

We should only use living food to eat. Living food means food that contains life such as tomatoes, potato fresh vegetables, and fruits, etc. While bread, refined flour, and non-veg items do not come in living food. The same food plan should be used for the diet plan we are telling you.

2. Use wholesome food

You should use wholesome food. Wholesome means food that has come out of the earth and has not been processed in the factory. Like using brown rice and dates instead of sugar.

3. Eat plant-based food

You have to use food that comes directly from the plant. For example, you should use coconut milk in place of market-packed urea milk. Apart from this, you should not use any kind of processed or canned food.

4. Eat water-rich food

You have to use water-rich food. As you know, 40% of our body weight is water. Therefore, we should also eat food that has a high amount of water. For example, you should consume fruits like watermelon, oranges, tomatoes, and grapes.

Diet to lose weight fast

Now we are going to tell you some such diet plan. Which if you follow correctly for 1 month continuously, then your weight will be reduced. In this plan, you must keep in mind that you have to fast for 16 hours. Just like if you eat dinner at 7 o’clock, then you don’t have to eat your morning meal before 11 o’clock. You can see this according to yourself, like if you have food at 6 o’ clock in the evening, then you have to eat the next day at 10 o’ clock in the morning.

In this way, you will be able to keep fast for at least 16 hours. Which is very important for weight reduction diet plan.

In this, you have to take a diet 5 times. It is like this.

1. The first diet to lose weight fast

First of all, you have to take detox juice in your diet at 9 am. In this, you have to take ash gourd juice. You have to peel the ash gourd and remove the seeds inside it. Now you have to remove juice from it. You have to take it in a quantity of 300 ml. It will work like Detox in your body.

If you do not get ash gourd, you can also drink coconut water or vegetable juice extract. You can also use gourd in vegetable to remove the juice.

2. The second diet to lose weight fast

You have to take another diet at 11 am after 2 hours of Detox diet. For this, you can eat seasonal fruits in it. You have to fill 1 big plate of whatever seasonal fruit is available. You can have watermelon, papaya, orange, grapes or apple in seasonal fruits.

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3. The third diet to lose weight fast

You can use chapattis and vegetables in the third diet to lose weight. Bran should be mixed with the flour of bread that you will make in it. The chapatti you will make should be made of half the flour and half the vegetable. You have to grind coconut in the vegetable instead of oil and you can use fresh herbs instead of spices.

You have to take vegetables for 2 times from any chapatti you take. Like if you take 1 chapatti then you have to take 2 bowls of vegetables. You have to take this diet at 2 o’clock.

4. The fourth diet to lose weight fast

You can take the 4th diet at 4 o’clock. You can take coconut water or gourd juice in it. Apart from this, you can also use herbal tea.

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5. The fifth diet to lose weight fast

You have to take your 5th diet at 4 o’clock. In which you can have salad or soup. You can use cucumber or beetroot for this. You can make almond and cashew dressing in it.

This diet plan is not recommended for children or athletes. Athlete and children need more calories and their food is also properly digested.