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What is constipation?

Constipation is a disease in which stool does not easily pass from your body. In this problem for 2 to 3 days, you don’t have a bowel movement. So, this is a very difficult situation for anyone. Stool becomes so hard to pass and sometimes while passing there may be bleeding.

Constipation causes:

i) Use of more junk food

If you eat more junk food outside then it also causes constipation because it contains mostly spices and fine flour. Therefore, it is not good for our stomach.

ii) Drink Less water

If you do not drink water properly daily then it creates constipation problem. Water is a very necessary thing to digest our food properly.

iii) Sleep late at night

When you sleep late at night. It will affect your metabolism system. If you do it on a regular basis it causes this problem.

iv) Take stress

On a daily basis if you take stress due to today hectic lifestyle and relationship problem. You may suffer from this problem.

v) Weak lever

If you have any problem in the lever and it’s not working properly then also it creates constipation problem

vi) Use of less fiber diet

High fiber diet is also very important for the stomach to work properly and digest food. Which is mostly found in vegetable and fruits. So, if we eat food which doesn’t have fiber or less fiber can cause this problem.

vii) Less exercise

Regular activity of your body is so important. If you go to the office daily sit on the chair for a long working hour then come back home and sleep. So, this routine not only affects your body even affect your digestion system and cause constipation. 

viii) Irregular eating habits

If you take food some time at 2 pm and sometimes at 4 pm. So, this irregular eating habit will affect your digestion system and cause this problem.

ix) Smoking & Drinking

Consumption of more alcohol and smoking habit on a regular basis can affect your digestion system. This will also lead to constipation.

x) More tea and coffee

If you feel tired mostly take tea or coffee. It contains caffeine so use tea or coffee can give you relaxation for that moment. But on the long term, its more dosage can give you this problem by affecting your digestion system.

Constipation symptoms:

  • Stomach become so hard
  • Feeling irritable
  • Stomach ache
  • Gas in the stomach
  • Stool becomes hard
  • No toilet for 2 to 3 days
  • Cramping

Irritable bowel syndrome:

Irrelevant bowel syndrome affects our large intestine. It has symptoms like stomachache, gas in the stomach, cramping, constipation, and diarrhea. The main causes of irritable bowel syndrome are bacteria in the intestine, some abnormality in the digestive system, and infection in the intestine.

Constipation remedies:

1. Bael for Constipation remedy

Bael fruit for constipation
Bael fruit

Its juice is considered very good in all stomach related issues and also to give relief from hot in the summer season. Because It’s juice increase bowel movement and helps to get rid of constipation. For this, we have to remove bael pulp and mix it in water and make juice. So, take this juice on a daily basis to get many benefits.

2. Ginger for constipation remedy

Ginger for constipation remedy

For constipation, ginger is one of the best remedies. It does not only give you relief from constipation but even helps in indigestion, dizziness and acidity problem. So, take half teaspoon ginger juice with one glass of warm water at night. It will cure your constipation problem in some days.

3. Triphala powder for constipation remedy

Triphala for constipation remedy

It’s powder which is made of amla, harad, and bahada in proper proportion. It is a panacea for constipation because its regular use cures it permanently. So, you have to take half spoon Triphala powder at night with one glass of warm water. This will clear the stomach well in the morning.

4. Water for constipation remedy

Water for constipation remedy

You have to take proper water daily to get rid of constipation. Use of at least 10 to 12 glass of water daily is necessary. Drinking less water also causes constipation. You can drink water 1 hour before eating from which you get hungry. You can drink light water in the middle of the meal. After eating, you should not drink water for at least one hour.

5. Isabgol for constipation remedy

Isabgol is an effective remedy for constipation. So, we have to take isabgol one spoon with warm milk at night. On regular use, it will cure this problem.

6. Banana


Everyone knows banana benefits. It works very well in all stomach related problems. If you are suffering from constipation then start regular use of banana. It will give you relief soon. Small children can also take it easily.

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7. Guava


You may have eaten a lot of guavas but do you know how effective is the guava for removing your constipation? Eat guava before meal regularly with rock salt easily cure this problem.

8. Lemon water

Lemon water
Lemon water

This is also very good remedy for stomach pain and constipation. Squeeze a lemon into a glass of water and then add a small spoon of salt to it. Therefore, use this remedy twice a day will cure this problem in a few days.

9. Chickpea


Its flour is very effective in this problem. So, take chickpea flour and mix it with your wheat flour and use it regularly as a chapatti.

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10. Fennel


Make a fennel powder and take it with warm water before sleeping at night. Fennel can also be taken after we eat a meal. This is also a good remedy to get rid of constipation.

11. Use of fruits


One of the main reason for constipation is less fiber food. So, to increase fiber quantity in your food take more fruits daily. It will help to cure this problem by an increase in bowel movement. Therefore, You can take seasonal fruits like apple, mango, orange, and papaya.

12. Fig


It contains a huge amount of fiber. So, if you will eat figs in the milk after boiling it, it will be very good to remove the problem of your constipation. 

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13. Raisin


It is a very good remedy to get rid of this problem because there is a lot of fiber in it. Therefore, we should keep the raisin soaked in the water overnight. It should be eaten in the morning. It does not only remove constipation but also make your digestive system strong.

What helps constipation?

a) Drink water in copper utensils

b) Get up early in the morning

c) Do yoga in the morning

d) Use fewer spices in the food

e) Run daily in the morning

f) Sleep early at night

g) Be happy and stay away from stress

h) Don’t smoke and drink


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