Banana benefits | Health benefits of banana

Banana benefits
Banana benefits
Banana benefits
Banana benefits


As much as the banana is tasty to eat, its benefits are also very high. Banana is one such fruit which is available for 12 months. It is rich in starch, fiber, carbohydrates, vitamins, and minerals.

Due to all these qualities, it is useful in fighting many diseases and is very beneficial for the body. It is also very nutritious. Today we will tell you about the details of Banana Benefits.

Banana how many calories

Many people do not consume banana because they say it contains a lot of calories, but they go to the market and eat lots of fried burgers, samosas, and fast food. When their children also feel hungry, they ask them to eat biscuits, chips, and samosa.

If those people use bananas instead, it will satisfy their hunger and also give them energy and nutrition. Bananas normally contain 110 calories. Which also gives you a lot of energy to do the day’s work.

Banana benefits

1. Banana benefits for the growth of children

It is very good to make for children’s growth, it contains sugar, fiber. Due to which young children get a lot of energy and blood loss is also removed. The mental development of children also occurs due to its use. Therefore, children should be given bananas after meals during the day whenever they feel hungry. Which makes them fun to eat and they also get energy.

2. Banana benefits to nourish the body

Banana is a very nutritious fruit which is often consumed by gym-goers and youngsters who want to build their body. After going to the gym, people should take 2 to 3 bananas in 1 glass of milk and mix it in the juicer and drink it. It removes the fatigue caused by the gym in the body and develops muscles. It is very beneficial for those who want to increase their weight and their weight starts to increase with the use of a few days.

3. Banana benefits for blood pressure

Regular intake of banana also relieves the problem of high blood pressure. This is due to the potassium present in it, which relieves you from regular use for a few days from high blood pressure.

4. Banana benefits for constipation and diarrhea

Banana is very good for your stomach which helps a lot in increasing your digestive capacity and if you have the problem of indigestion then it will relieve you from it. Along with this, its consumption in constipation and diarrhea is also beneficial. When you are troubled by diarrhea, then your diarrhea stops by taking bananas. This prevents diarrhea by hardening your stool.

5. Banana benefits for stomach ulcer

If you want to get rid of your stomach ulcers, then banana can help you a lot because it is soft, easily digestible and fibrous which is useful in treating ulcers. It neutralizes your stomach acid.

6. Banana benefits for stomach gas

By taking the banana, good bacteria grow in the stomach and it eliminates the bad bacteria so that its intake does not let the gas in the stomach. If you have gas problems then you should take the banana regularly.

7. Banana benefits for depression

If your mood is bad and you are in depression then you should eat a banana. Eating 1 to 2 bananas makes your mood right and it relaxes your muscle. This is due to the vitamin B 6 present in it.

8. Banana benefits for obesity

These people have the impression that it should not be taken by obese people. It is also used to reduce the weight of obese people if used properly. It makes thinner people thicker and thinner ones thinner. Fat people should replace bananas with their food. This will help them to lose weight.

9. Banana benefits for heart disease

Banana has a high amount of potassium due to which it helps you in fighting all the diseases related to the heart. For this, you have to include bananas in your diet daily.

10. Banana benefits for eyes

Banana is low in vitamin A, yet it helps you to increase eyesight. You should consume it daily in the morning.

11. Banana benefits for stroke

Due to the high potassium content in it, it also protects you from the risk of stroke.

12. Banana benefits for allergy

People who are allergic to food and who have rashes in their body. Such people must consume a banana, due to the amino acids present in it, it also removes the problem of allergy.

13. Banana benefits for bone

The good bacteria present in the banana also helps in strengthening your bones by absorbing calcium. Therefore, weak bones or people suffering from osteoporosis must take it.

14. For hangover

If you have drunk too much alcohol and you have a hangover, then your hangover can also remove the banana, for this, you have to make a shake by mixing banana and milk or you can also eat a banana with curd. Consuming this will completely reduce your hangover.

15. Banana benefits for skin dryness

If your skin turns dry in winter then you should use banana. Works as a moisturizer in bananas. You have to mash the banana and apply it on your dry skin and wash it after some time. By using it, your skin will get moisture and the dryness of the skin will disappear.

16. Banana benefits for pigmentation

If you are troubled by pigmentation, then you should also use banana. It protects your skin from pigmentation.

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17. Banana benefits for dead skin

You can use a banana as a scrub to remove your dead skin. For this, you have to mash the banana with sugar and apply it on your face. The banana will moisturize your skin and sugar will help in removing your dead skin.

18. For pregnant ladies

Pregnant ladies must consume bananas, this removes their problem like constipation, indigestion and it is very beneficial for the health of mother and child.

19. For heartburn

If you have heartburn then you should consume 1 banana every morning. This 1 banana will protect you from the problem of heartburn all day.

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20. Banana benefits for smoking

If you smoke a lot and are unable to quit smoking even after much desire, then you should include banana in your diet daily. Consumption of banana reduces your smoking urge. With which you can quit this bad addiction.