Home remedies for vertigo/Dizziness treatment

Home remedies for vertigo/dizziness
Home remedies for vertigo/dizziness
Home remedies for vertigo

The problem of vertigo/dizziness in today’s environment is also increasing rapidly. Today we will tell you some of the best home remedies for vertigo/dizziness by which you can easily get rid of this problem completely.

What is vertigo/dizziness?

Your head rotates in the problem of vertigo/dizziness. The things around you look like moving and sometimes the problem of vomiting can also be seen with it.

Vertigo/dizziness causes

There are some main reasons for vertigo/dizziness, such as lowering of blood pressure. Due to which the blood is not properly supplied in our head. Other reasons for dizziness include calcium deficiency, physical weakness, lack of blood in the body Is included.

Home remedies for vertigo/dizziness

1. Coconut water home remedies for vertigo/dizziness

Coconut water(home remedies for vertigo/dizziness)

If you have a problem with vertigo/dizziness. You can take coconut water in the morning and evening this will give you lots of benefits.

2. Coriander & Amla powder

Coriander & amla powder(home remedies for vertigo)

Take coriander powder and amla powder each 10 grams. Mix it in one glass of water. Let it stay overnight, then after getting up early in the morning drink it. It will give relief in the vertigo/dizziness.

3. Cold water

cold water(home remedies for vertigo/dizziness)

The cold water is very beneficial for an immediate solution in the problem of vertigo/dizziness. So, when you are dizzy. Drink 1-2 glasses of cold water. It will give you immediate relief.

4. Ginger

Ginger(home remedies for dizziness)

Ginger is also a very good remedy for the vertigo/dizziness. Its use will not only help in the vertigo but also relief from vomiting. For this, we should either eat ginger tea or eat it after sucking it.

5. Cardamom

To overcome the problem of dizziness, cardamom is also a very good home recipe. For this, you can eat 2 to 3 cardamoms every day after chew it properly.

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6. Lemon

Lemon(home remedies for vertigo/dizziness)

Adding sugar and a lemon into a glass of water gives relief in the problem of dizziness.

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7. Melon seed

Melon seed

Melon seeds are also useful to get rid of vertigo/dizziness. For this, roast the melon seeds in ghee and take it in the amount of 5-5 grams in the morning and evening.

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8. Basil


To get rid of the problem of vertigo, mix sugar with basil juice. It also relieves the problem of dizziness.