Home remedies for headache


Headache is a very fast growing problem. Nowadays in a runny life, the tension of work, sitting in one place continuously and work for many hours, using more mobile, lack of nutrients in food, not complete sleep are some problems which are the main cause of headache, the headache has become a common problem. To get rid of this, the use of medicines will not be correct. For this, we are discussing some best home remedies for headache to get rid of it.

1. Basil and ginger

Basil and ginger(home remedies for headache)

The use of basil and ginger can also be found useful in the headache. For this mix the basil leaves and ginger juice together. After this put it on the forehead. At the same time, the juice can also be fed to a troubled person. This will provide great relief in headache.

2. Lemon and hot water

lemon and hot water(home remedies for headache)

If you have less time or you are away somewhere and you have suddenly suffered a severe headache, then this fast-prepared recipe is of a lot of work. You just have to do this by taking warm water in a glass and putting lemon juice in it. This gives relief in headache. Sometimes gas becomes a headache in the stomach.

3. A mixture of cloves and salt

a mixture of cloves and salt(home remedies for headache)

If you are troubled with headaches, cloves and salt mixture can be beneficial for you. This is an effective treatment for headache. To prepare this, you have to prepare a mixture of clove powder and salt. You have to drink it by mixing it with milk. This combination of cloves and salt will touch your headache in a moment. In fact, salt contains some properties, which are helpful in relieving headaches.

4. Cinnamon powder

cinnamon powder(home remedies for headache)

Cinnamon itself is a medicine of many diseases. It not only provide relief from diabetes but also provide relief from headache. To get relief from headache, make a paste by adding a little water to the cinnamon powder. Applying this paste on the head gives relief.

5. Padmasan yoga for headache

padmasan yoga for headache(home remedies for headache)

Padmasan yoga is very easy and beneficial yoga for headache. You can sit on it by putting a yoga mat on the ground. Keep yourself straight and close your eyes and keep breathing lightly. By doing this yoga, the mind keeps calm and relief from headache.

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